Trans - Bieszczady is the international freight market since 1990.


Our motto is:


tel. +48 134331800, +48 134331818
fax. +48 134330842
tel/fax. +48 134330680

  We are pleased to present our offer in the provision of international transport of all bulk liquid foodstuffs (fats, juices, syrups, chocolate, wine, glucose syrups and starch, etc.) tankertrucks for the carriage of such goods brand "Hobur", "Feldbinder" and "Magyar "latest-generation-drawn by Scania and Volvo cars that meet emissions standards of Euro 3 to Euro 5 (EEV), the amount of the total 80 sets + car tank.  
TRANS BIESZCZADY - national transport cisterns, international transport tankertrucks, transportation tankers, liquid materials transportation
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